Smoke Detection Systems

Smoke alarms can detect the early stages of a fire, giving a warning alarm and giving you the time required for you and your home to leave your home safely. In order for your home and business to be compliant with guidance set by The Scottish Government regarding smoke alarms get in touch today to ensure your property is protected by taking the recommended preventative measures.

Smoke Alarms For Business

We provide and install smoke detection systems for any home or business premises. We will assess what type of smoke detection system is best suited to your property, then return to install and certify the installed system. We also offer an ongoing maintenance service so you can be rest assured that if the worst were to happen you'll get the warning you require, making sure you’re safe.

All staff at Abbeyhill Electrical Services are fully trained by Aico, the market leading smoke detection manufacturing, ensuring all questions or queries can be adhered to. This also provides you with the peace of mind that a certified electrician will carry out the required install/upgrade to your smoke detection system.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

 Carbon Monoxide is the single largest cause of accidental poisoning, highlighting the importance of installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home. The location of where you place your carbon monoxide detector is of monumental importance for you and your families safety. At Abbeyhill we can provide you with the expert knowledge required to ensure the best position in your home is chosen.