Electrical Rewires in Edinburgh

Here at Abbeyhill, we offer an extensive range of rewiring services. Rewiring often brings properties up to date with current building regulations while making your home safer and more energy efficient. Complete home rewires are rare, although we do still offer them. Partial rewires can often fix problems that could cause damage to your property and or yourself.

Our fully trained and qualified electricians are committed to carrying out a professional and safe service to ensure your home meets the necessary safety regulations and quality standards, lasting for many years to come.

Does Your Home Need a Rewire?

It's hard to give a definitive answer to this question without carrying out a thorough and professional electrical inspection of your home.

There are a few things you should consider to establish whether a rewire may be a good idea:

  • First of all, we recommend rewiring your home every 25-30 years or less. This is because wiring, especially in older houses, can potentially be unsafe and unfit for the requirements of today's electronic needs.

  • If your home has ever been victim to major flood damage, there's a high possibility that you may need to rewire certain parts if not all of your home. If your home is likely to be flooded again, it may be a good idea to raise the fuse box and sockets to above any future expected flood level.

  • If you're having problems with your lights or if they've stopped working there could be a fault with the wiring. Many wattage ratings are ignored, with can lead to the wires faulting and frying.

If you answered yes to any of the above then we recommend you get in touch to arrange a free electrical inspection.


Complete & Partial Home Rewires

With over 28 years industry experience, the services we provide to our customers are have comprehensive and unbeatable expertise in partial and complete house rewiring across Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

Building Regulations today state that a home rewire is require at least once every 30 years. If your home has not been rewired within the last 30 years, or if you’re unsure when the last time a rewire took place was, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.

Individual Rewiring Services

As well as offering complete and partial rewires, we also offer specific services for many unique requirements.

When completing an electrical inspection or consultation, we’ll always take a look at any plug sockets, outlets or light switches that may need replacing. Faults in these can cause electricity to arc, becoming a potential fire hazard. This is clear danger for both you and your property and something you may have been unaware of.

For services not mentioned, don’t hesitate in contacting us to see if we can provide the service you are after.

Experienced & Reliable Electricians

With over 28 years industry experience, we believe that Abbeyhill Electrical has established a reputation for delivering have established a reputation for delivering a first class service in partial and complete house rewiring across Edinburgh and Central Scotland. Our team of electricians are fully trained and qualified to carry out every service provided.

Rewiring Edinburgh

Whatever your rewiring requirement may be, you can Abbeyhill Electrical and our trusted team of experienced electricians to carry out their work in a quick, professional manner. To arrange a home rewire today or to discuss any services not covered, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss any requirements you have.