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Our trained and experienced electricians are experts in the installation of interior lights and have carried out a wide range of light installations for both domestic and commercial clients, finding them the right lighting type and style to fit their property. Whether you are looking for subtle lighting to suit a bedroom or living-room, or require an light installation covering a large space such as an office or warehouse, we’ve got exactly what you’re after.

LED Interior Light Installation.

Ideal for providing a bright, conventional looking light will using a fraction of the energy, LED lights save energy and in turn, money using up to 90% less energy than standard lighting. LED lights are a fantastic investment as they can last between 20-30 years. This means you won’t have to constantly spend time changing out old bulbs for new ones, saving time and money.


On to specific lighting types, chandeliers and pendants are both brilliant additions to any house. Reserved mainly for houses with high ceilings, both lighting types can provide houses with a classy look. Chandeliers and pendants are fantastic in almost any room but work particularly well in kitchens, bathrooms and lounge areas. These hanging interior lights are becoming more and more popular as the trend grows and would look fantastic in any home.

Wall lights.

A very sleek and modern look, wall lights are very versatile meaning they can be placed in almost any room. Perhaps the biggest benefit of wall lights, or ‘sconces’ as they’re often known, os that they can fit into any home, regardless of the style. This is a benefit as it means you won’t have to shop about trying to match your lights to the decor and vice versa. Wall sconces can provide an attractive, soft glow to your home which helps create an atmosphere and welcoming mood.

Stair lights.

A simple but very effective method of adding a bit of mood to your stairway is by adding in step lights. Stairway lighting can create a specific ambience within your home and a particular mood. This is attractive to quests and provides a unique and classy feel to your home.

Interior LED Lighting
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LED Exterior Lighting Installation

An exterior lighting installation is a fantastic way to transform your property at night time, making it more attractive and inviting for your guests. Outdoor lights not only provide your garden with more light, but can provide other benefits such as serving as a deterrent to intruders, enhancing your home security.

Here at Abbeyhill Electrical, we specialise in the installation and refurbishment of outdoor garden lighting. LED exterior lighting really brings out the best of your garden, allowing you to make the most of evenings outside while allowing you to showcase your garden in the best way possible.

Having external LED lighting installed to your home allows your garden to be well lit allowing you to make the most of evenings outside. Exterior lighting also gives you the opportunity to showcase your garden.

With over 25 years electrical experience, there’s really no one better to call on for your light installation.

Office and Shop Lighting Installation

Abbeyhill Electrical Services can offer solutions to all your office lighting requirements from design, installation and maintenance including automated lighting controls and energy saving alternatives.

Lighting can be used to create a specific mood within your office or shop, benefitting staff and potential customers. With staff, the obvious benefit is the increase in productivity. Working in a bright and welcoming environment can provide your staff with added motivation and improve their overall attitude towards work.

With customers, lighting can have a big impact on whether or not they make a purchase in your store. Not only does lighting allow them to see the detail in your products, it can also be used to highlight certain products or areas of you shop as well.

For the right lighting to perfect your shop or office mood, get in touch with our team here at Abbeyhill Electrical today, online or by phone. Don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions or enquiries, we’re happy to help you out.

Lighting Installation In Edinburgh

Whatever your lighting installation requirements may be, you can trust our team of highly trained and experienced electricians to carry out installation to your precise specifications, creating the lighting effect you have imagined for the space.

Whether you’re after interior or exterior lighting, domestic or commercial, we have what you’re after.
Get in touch today online or by phone to discuss how we can make your lighting ideas a reality.

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