Fusebox Installation & Replacements in Edinburgh

Our expert team team of trained and qualified electricians can provide Fusebox replacement and installation service to upgrade your home electrics. If you have an old, out-of-date fusebox, it is important to invest in a modern replacement to ensure not only the safety of your home but of you and your family.

A brand new replacement consumer unit will bring your home up to current safety standards and give you complete peace of mind for years to come. Our fusebox installation service is efficient and reliable to guarantee peace of mind.

Do you need a replacement fusebox?

If your existing fuse board consumer unit is safe and meets current regulations then you most won’t need to upgrade. It can however be difficult to work out wether your unit is safe without any professional testing. The best way to make an assessment is to have an electrical inspection carried out.

There are a few indicators that show when a fusebox is in need of upgrade. These could be:

  • Your fuse board unit is an old style with wooden backing or iron switches which are unsafe for use. This is an issue as it means your unit will not meet current fire regulations and is at risk of fire.

  • Your consumer unit does not have an RCD (Residual Current Device). All new fuse board units contain this device which increases the safety of your home electrics.

  • Your fusebox has exposed wires, fuses or circuit breakers. Our electricians come into contact with far too many older model consumer units with exposed parts and missing blanking plates. This is a huge safety concern as it can leave live fuse parts exposed to touch.


Choose Experience and Skilled Electricians

When choosing an electrician to carry out your fuse box consumer unit replacement it is important to consider more than just price. The right electrician for the job will be fully qualified, certified, insured to carry out the work and compliant with the latest electrical standards. Your fuse board is the main electrical hub in your property, taking a pivotal role in all electrical aspects. If you have a fuse board replacement carried out that it is below the necessary standards then you are putting you property at risk and endangering anyone that occupies the property.

For the highest standards Electrical efficiency and Safety, get in touch today.