Electrical Heating Installation & Repair in Edinburgh

We supply and install tailored electric central heating systems to replace inefficient or undesirable systems. This brings down heating costs with a system that is tailored to your lifestyle and home. All of our electric heating installation work is undertaken by electricians with extensive experience and all of the necessary qualifications to carry out the job the the very highest standard. We will work closely with you to establish exactly how you want your new heating system to be laid out and walk you through how to use it once installation is complete.

What is Electrical Heating?

Increasing in popularity due to the advances in technology and design in recent years, electric heating systems look better than ever before, as well as being efficient in their energy use.

Electric heating is extremely flexible, inexpensive, simple to install, and fully controllable. Electric heating technology lets you divide your home into various heating rooms or zones that can have different heating settings independent of each other.

The electric radiators used are designed to react very quickly to changes in room temperature that are monitored accurately. This ensures you maintain a comfortable heat at all times, reducing energy consumption as the system turns off when the desired heat has been reached.

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What are the Benefits of Electric Heating?

  • Cost-Effective - Installed at little expense, electric heating is easy to use and fully controllable. The technology lets you split your home into zones that are heated independently according to requirements.

  • Looks Great - The advances in electric heating technology over the past few years mean they are an aesthetically pleasing choice that mean you don’t have to compromise on style.

  • Energy-Efficient - A 100% efficient heating system that converts all electricity into heat for your home. A gas boiler wastes energy via the flue, throwing away your money.

  • Flexible - Having an electric heating system gives you flexibility to design your home as you please without being restricted by the placement of heaters.

  • Custom Design - Each individual electric radiator can be controlled or programmed so each room can be heated to ensure you have a cosy living room without wasting energy heating a small bathroom at all times.

  • Reactive - An electric heating system is highly responsive to any changes in room temperature to ensure you are comfortable at all times, as well as reducing energy consumption when the heaters are not required.

Abbeyhill Electrical - Electrical Heating Installation in Edinburgh and Central Scotland

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