Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Edinburgh

EICR are assessments carried out in homes and businesses to assess the safety of all electrical appliances. For safety and your peace of mind we recommend that an EICR inspection is carried out regularly.

The EICR conducts an inspection which will test the integrity of your wiring, fuse board and electrical outlets such as sockets and lights and detect any faults or potential hazards that may arise. Whilst we are conducting your EICR we will provide you with a clear and detailed report with any identified faults, deterioration or any non-compliance equipment that we discover through the assessment.

If the report includes anything dangerous or potentially dangerous it will be declared 'unsatisfactory' and require that remedial work is carried out immediately. If any advisories are found where further work is to be completed we will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.


When should you have an EICR carried out?

Ideally, electrics should be checked every few years or so. While for many this may not be possible, landlords must have an EICR carried out each time a property is let out. If your looking to buy or sell a house, it is vital to carry out a report as it will flag up any electric issues you could potentially have.

  • 10 years if you are in an owner-occupied house,

  • 5 years if you are in a rented home (this responsibility falls on your landlord),

  • 3 years if you own a caravan or motorhome,

  • 1 year if you have a swimming pool.

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