Door Entry System Installation

We understand that safety is an important part of any property. Knowing and controlling who is able to gain entry to your property is important, no matter what type of property you own. At Abbeyhill Electrical, we supply, install and maintain door entry Systems at unbeatable prices. The services we provide are always of the highest quality and are carried out by trained, experienced electricians. We routinely carry out installation, maintenance and repairs on intercom entry systems so you can be sure that the service received is of the highest quality. Whatever your property may be, contact us with any enquiries regarding door entry systems.

Domestic Properties

Home safety is very often a homeowners main priority, and no wonder. Not only does your household many expensive items, it holds items of deep meaning. At Abbeyhill we understand how important it is, knowing your home is safe from unwanted visitors. With our intercom door entry systems, you’re in complete control over who can gain access to your home. We know how difficult it can be to find one business that offers full coverage at a great price, that’s why we offer supply, install and maintenance to all of our customers. Whatever your home security requirements are, we can provide you with that extra layer of safety.


Residential Properties

As a landlord or communal property owner, ensuring the safety of your residents is an obvious priority. Buildings with shared stairwells or community areas such as gardens require security needs due to the number of occupants within the building. Here at Abbeyhill, we supply, install and maintain tenement entry systems for a number of residential property owners, predominantly tenement buildings in Edinburgh and West Lothian. As stated before, security is a massive concern for residential tenants. Our Door Entry Systems can provide that extra barrier of security against unwanted visitors and potential burglars. Choose Abbeyhill Electrical for your intercom door entry systems and let us provide you with that extra layer of security and safety.

Commercial Properties

Having a safe and secure working environment is crucial for the success of your business. At Abbeyhill we understand how important it is to know who is entering your business. With our door entry systems, you’re able to find out and control who can enter your building by intercom. We only offer the highest quality of products to ensure maximum protection for your staff and business. We routinely install, maintain and repair a large range of security door entry system. Whatever your companies security requirements we can recommend and guide you on the products which best suit your companies need.

Home and Business Security Experts

To find out more about the security systems we can provide for your home and business contact us today.